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The Council of Ontario Universities

The Council of Ontario Universities (COU) provides a forum for Ontario’s universities to collaborate and advote in support of their shared mission to the benefit and prosperity of students, communities and the province of Ontario.

Updates to our sites
You’ll notice exciting new changes designed to create a better user experience on this website and our advocy website, ontariosuniversities.. This site guide will help you find what you’re looking for.
Check out our latest news and reports and learn how Ontario’s universities are partnering for a better future for Ontario at ontariosuniversities..
About the Council
Learn all about the Council, including COU's mission, policies, annual reports, reer opportunities and staff directory.
Members & Groups
Find out about COU’s 21 member universities, standing committees, affiliated bodies and secretariat.
Browse through our network of websites and resources, including information about awards and graduate studies.

Learn how Ontario’s universities are partnering for a
better future for students, communities and the province.